The Culture of Quality and Craftsmanship

Ironwood Master Crafters has been in the construction business since 2005. It is our belief that educated professionals should deliver great service, superb craftsmanship and a lasting relationship that is based on trust and mutual respect. We value these qualities and are committed to providing a friendly and professional customer experience.

We believe in providing…

  • Quotes not estimates – Whenever possible, we provide a fixed-priced contract for a specified scope of work.
  • Professional tradesmen – We only hire professional craftsman and subcontractors.
  • Professional tools and methods – We study the latest in construction methodology and tool technology so that we can deliver a finer, longer-lasting product.
  • Careful and thorough property protection – We understand your home is an important investment, that’s why we provide a comprehensive protection plan for every applicable project.
  • Client not involved in stress – You make the decisions and we do the work. We take responsibility for scheduling material deliveries, figuring material costs and hiring subcontractors. We handle all communications with employees and subcontractors. Relax and enjoy your experience with us.
  • Open communication – We make sure you are updated regularly on progress. We hope you will tell us what we can do to better serve you.
  • Trust – We deliver what we promise. No job is left unfinished.

Our Schedule of Services

New Construction/ Custom Home Building:
We can build on an already existing lot that is yours, or our lot.

Custom Remodeling:
We enjoy working on projects where we can update your home without deteriorating the integrity of your home’s original style. Many of the projects we encounter involve remedying problems that have resulted due to the home not being built correctly in the first place. So while preserving the homes original style, we create a safe, custom remodel in any home.

Organization Systems:
We specialize in organization systems for closets, pantry’s and garages. According to Newsweek magazine the average American burns 55 minutes a day, adding up to roughly 12 weeks per year, looking for things they know they already have but can’t find. We will design, fabricate and install the perfect system to fit your specific needs.

We have the knowledge, experience and the relationships to execute commercial build-outs to satisfy the needs of your business.

Custom Woodworking:
We enjoy making lasting pieces of function and beauty. We usually direct our talents toward our existing custom jobs, but if a project is interesting enough we would love to be considered. Many of the projects we take on, not only do we provide a detailed structure inside the home, we love making furniture to accompany the new project.